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Listed as a World HeritCage by UNESCO in 1987, the Great Wall is one of the greatest wonders of the world known for its historic significance and architectural brilliance. It is a series of fortification that was built along the historical northern borders of China to protect the Chinese Empire against intrusion.

Some portions of the wall dates back to the 7th century, while the rest was built by the first Emperor of China around 220-206 BC. The early walls were constructed using mud, wood and stones. Later when bricks were invented it was used along with tiles, lime and stone.

Apart from protecting the empire, the Great Wall was also used for trade, border control and immigration. It was also meant to preserve the Chinese culture from the surrounding nations. The long stretch of wall consists of passes, horse tracks, fortresses, shelters and watch towers. The wall also displays great military strategy and advances in defense techniques. Over centuries, sections of the great wall have come to ruins. While some portions have even disappeared, it still runs 20,000 Kms echoing the wisdom, culture and the strength of the Chinese people!


Interesting Facts

  • The Great Wall of China is NOT visible from the moon!
  • It is the longest structure ever built by man.
  • During its construction it was called as the 'the longest cemetery on earth' since more than one million people lost their lives building it!

  • 1.Huangyaguan Pass
  • 2.Jiangjunguan Pass
  • 3.Simatai
  • 4.Jinshanling
  • 5.Gubeikou
  • 6.Baimaguan Pass
  • 7.Beishicheng
  • 8.Mutianyu
  • 9.Jiankou
  • 10.Dazhenyu
  • 11.Huanghuacheng
  • 12.Xishuiyu
  • 13.Juyongguan Pass
  • 14.Badaling
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